Slim Pasta Penne Konjac Shirataki 270g | Zero Carbs | Low Cal


Slim Pasta Penne 270g | Zero Carb | Low Calorie



Slim Pasta Penne 270g | Zero Carb | Low Calorie | Vegan | Helps you lose weight | FREE eCookBook 100% | Organic

*Not sure which to buy? You can also purchase the Trial Multipack (Noodles, Rice, Penne, Spaghetti, Fettuccine)*

• Proven for weight loss, zero carbs and low calorie.
• Gluten free made from Organic Juroat (Organic and gluten-free oat fibre and konjac flour).
• A great solution for Weight Watchers, dieters, vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, ideal for keto, atkins, paleo, LCHF & dukan diet.
• Unique product adjustable to your taste.
• All it takes is 2 minute! It’s quick, convenient and delicious.
• Special diets.
• Weight loss.
• Organic Slim range 100% plant-based.
• Gluten free.

Good news, penne lovers. Made from all-natural organic Konjac flour and gluten-free organic oat fibre (Juroat™), Slim Pasta® Penne is a low-calorie alternative that helps you lose weight without compromising on taste. Its unique blend keeps you satiated for an extended period of time, thus reducing cravings for snacks. The net weight of this product is 270g; it is 200g when drained.

Purified water, Organic Konjac flour and Organic Gluten-free Oat fibre Oat fiber.

Allergen delcaration:

Made in factory that handles soy, oat and sulphites

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