BODYMATE PREMIUM Foam roller for deep tissue muscle massage

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  • IMPROVED CIRCULATION: The BODYMATE PREMIUM fascial roller can help improve your blood circulation. Due to its surface structure, it is perfect for a full-body deep tissue massage.
  • VERSATILE: An important training aid for CrossFit, yoga, strength training, bodybuilding, boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) – a great massage roller for all sports and fitness enthusiasts. The BODYMATE PREMIUM massage roller is made of dense EVA foam and suitable for the back, legs, buttocks, neck and shoulders. It can help prevent injuries and also support recovery following an injury.
  • SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT: The perfect training aid for deep tissue muscle massage. Big enough (L33cm and D14cm) for full-body training, yet lightweight and easy to carry. Medium hardness suits both beginners and the more advanced. Reinforced up to 250kg.
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